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Acanthoscurria maga
Common name: Antilles Pink Patch
Indigenous: Lesser Antilles
Natural Habitat: Tropical; rainy season (June to October)
Temp/humidity: 76°-85° (24.4°-29.4°C)/65%-75% humidity
Enclosure: Use an enclosure that will allow at least six inches of substrate
Substrate: I use four inches of substrate. (I use a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite, coconut fiber and dirt for firmness, as the substrate).
Retreat/Hide: I Place a bark for a starter burrow hide
Food Consumption: I fed my new born spiderlings fruit flies, than when they reached 1/2" (1.27cm) I introduced baby crickets. My adult Antilles Pink Patch, I give one (1)- one inch dubia roaches or three (3) adult crickets weekly
Water Requirements: I keep a water dish in the tank, even though after eight years, I have never seen mine drink. I also dampen one-half of the substrate in the terrarium by overflowing the water dish then I allow it to dry out.
Growth Rate: Slow, after six (6) years, she had only grown four inches (10.16cm), and I think that's stretching it. For the first four (4) years of their growth, I have rarely seen them. They tend to stay in their burrow. As she grew larger she would sit at the entrance of her burrow and wait for prey. After she has grown to about three and one-half inches (8.89cm), she started hanging outside of her burrow. Now she is out more than in her den.
Adult Size: I read that they get five inches (12.7cm). Mine is only four inches (10.16cm).
Temperament: This is a somewhat skittish species, yet I have never seen it kick hair nor give a threat pose
Comments: The Antilles Pink Patch is a rare addition to any collection. It is not often seen in the hobby for sale. Since maturing, it is constantly rearranging her home. It is a beautiful caramel, cream and brown with reddish hairs on the abdomen.

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