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First, I am not a dealer. The following tarantula species for sale are from my personal collection. Seven I bought wild caught as juveniles; they are marked with a red asterisk (*). All the others were captive born and was raised by me from spiderlings. Second, all my spiders were raised with tender loving care.  They all have a personal name. Thirdly, the reason I am thinning out my collection is, I am interested more in the African species. Purchasing several or bulk is negotiable. E-mail me for questions and offers.

Thanks you for visiting my website.

SCIENTIFIC NAME              TRADE NAME                          SEX              SIZE        PRICE   
Brachypelma aratum                                  Mexican Flame Knee                              ?                            3 ½"             55.00
Lasiodora difficilis,                                  Brazilian Red Birdeater                             F                            7”               150.00
Lasiodora itabunae,                                                                                                    F                           6”              175.00
Lasiodora klugi,                                             Bahia Scarlet                                        F                           7”               175.00
Lasiodora striatipes,                                Bahia Grey Birdeater                                 F                           7”                150.00
Monocentropus balfouri,                                  Blue Baboon                                        F                           5"               170.00
Nhandu chromatus,                                   Brazilian Red & White                               F                           6"               150.00
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LAG  =  $55.00
Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) is valid only if the following conditions are met:
1.Expressed method of shipping is used (1-day)
2.The package is accepted and signed for on the first delivery attempt
3.Outside temperature is between 40-90 degrees

If the package is denied for any reason on the first attempt or left without being signed, the LAG is VOID.
In the event that my tarantula arrives dead, I will replace it (upon availability) or issue a refund. A picture may be required.
I’m not responsible for carrier delays that result in DOA.
LAG doesn’t cover shipping costs. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. For payment, I use PAYPAL, my account is mikealporter@bellsouth.net