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Phlogiellus baeri
Common name: Philippine Dwarf
Indigenous: Philippines
Habitat: The Philippine Islands have a tropical climate. At sea level, temperatures rarely fall below 27°C (80°F). Interior valleys and leeward sides of islands tend to be warmer, while mountain slopes and peaks and windward sides of islands tend to be cooler. Rainfall averages about 2,030 mm (80 in) a year, with more precipitation in coastal plains than in sheltered inland valleys. In the western part of the country, the rainy season occurs during the summer monsoon, from May to November, when the wind blows from the southwest; the dry season occurs during the winter monsoon, from December to April, when the wind blows from the northeast. In contrast, the eastern side of the country receives most of its rainfall during the winter monsoon and has no true dry season.
Temp/humidity: 78°-84°F / 70-80% humidity. I also dampen one-half of the substrate in the terrarium by overflowing the water dish then I allow it to dry out.
Enclosure: This is a obligate burrower. As a spiderling, I used a vial that would allow at least three inches (7.62cm) of substrate for burrowing. As sub-adult-adult I use a terrarium that will allow at least four inches (10.16cm) of substrate.
Substrate: four inches (10.16cm) of substrate. (I use a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite, coconut fiber and dirt for firmness, as the substrate).
Retreat/Hide: This tarantula does not need a hide, for it will make its own burrow.
Food Consumption: I fed my new born spiderlings fruit flies, than when they reached one-half inch (1.27cm), I introduced baby crickets, My adult , I  give one (1) one inch (2.54cm)  B. dubia roaches or one (1) adult crickets weekly. This species is a good eater, and attack its prey with a vengeance.
Water Requirements: I keep a water dish in the tank.
Growth Rate: The growth rate for this species is medium. With proper heating and feeding it may attain a leg length of one inch (2.54cm) in a year inches.
Adult Size: This species may attain a leg length of two inches (5.08cm). My girl is 1.5" (3.81cm).
Temperament: This is a very reclusive tarantula,  as an adult. It may use a defensive pose, yet not aggressive, but would rather retreat than stand and fight.
Comments: An aggressive eating T. It ambushes its prey with lightening speed, then drag it down the burrow for consumption. They have never refused a meal unless near a molt. This is a beautiful charcoal grey Old World dwarf tarantula. A must have to your collection. 
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